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Searching Courses

While on the home page you will see multiple boxes which are broken down into areas of programs in which we offer. Inside these boxes you will find links, search boxes and drop down lists to help you locate a course which you wish to find more information about and / or to register. When you locate the course you wish to register for, you will click the title of the course which takes you to a screen where you can download permission slips and register. If you are elligible to register for this course you will see a register button at the bottom of the form. If you are elligible and the course is full or you have already registered for another course with the same course code them you may see a Wait List button which will place you on the waiting list for that course.


On the top of page in the sub navigation menu you will see a link called registrations (Only if you have registrations). If you click this link you will be taken to a screen which details all the past and current registrations you have under your account. The full details of your registrations are listed in table format for your review. If the course has not yet started and you are still elligle to unregister then you will see an un-register link on the far right on the registration. If you click this link you will be un-registered from this course. Please note that if you have already made a payment you will not be removed right away. An e-mail will go out to the person in charge of issuing refunds and once this has been completed you will be fully un-registered from this course by that person. You will receive an e-mail at each stage of this process.